TAM CERT’s Academy has been training experts since 1999, in several management-system fields (quality management, environment protection, health- and safety, food safety). We also have implemented specialized trainings, providing students with a specific, deeper knowledge in health care, montage- and construction, welding techniques and EU-conform product manufacturing.

Our training courses are concluded by an exam, and those who pass it, receive a TAM CERT or TÜV Austria certificate, depending on the course.

Employees’ work- and service-specific capabilities define those companies and institutes that are keeping the economy moving.

Course participants coming from the industry, economy or institutes will benefit from comprehensive professional knowledge, accepted internationally.

A three-level, interrelated management system training program awaits students: assistant, manager and auditor.

Enterprises and companies will benefit from the training of their experts beyond its economic advantages. Risk of failure of performance or defected performance will decrease, boosting the company’s reputation and competitiveness on the market.


TAM CERT’s Academy starts training programs in every semester. Considering current demands, we regularly analyze client feedback, helping us to update our training offer.

Professional POC:

László Mányoki


P: +36 20 499 9087

Attila Gál


P: +36 30 287 0649 

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