Exploitation of Earth’s treasures must have gained momentum when fire was discovered. We are dissolving and synthetizing elements to gain new energy forms and new materials with new features.  Or, to maintain the already known effects in a more energy-efficient way.


For a TAM CERT NoBo expert it’s clear that return and economical operation of the increasingly expensive investments is just as important as the assessment and management of the risks of hazardous and critical generating- and conversion processes.


Hungary and Eastern Europe is in the process of catching up to the Western energy- and supply systems and is currently connecting to its networks. In terms of oil-, gas- and other product pipelines, we are a transit country.


In addition to the European regulation systems, our country was characterized by an outstanding domestic technical culture. Maintenance of these high standards necessitates continuous staff training and person certification, investments, and an exigent maintenance. Application of international investors’ own standards in a local environment requires a lot of harmonization and alignment.


We are supporting risk management and the management of technical- and environment protection quality assurances, as an independent expert. During our activities, we apply the required regulations, directives and engineer’s common sense. We are at our Clients’ side from verifying plans on a drawing board right up to test-operations conducted in an explosive atmosphere.

We are providing a reliable expertise during preparation and operation of chemical investments, so that humankind and its environment can co-exist in a sustainable way, giving room for future improvements.

Professional POS:

Zoltán Karászi

E: karaszi.zoltan@tamcert.hu

P: +36 30 356 1440


Dr. Gábor Czitán

E: czitan.gabor@tamcert.hu

P: +36 30 951 9914

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