If you are alive, you communicate: with your peers, your environment, remote organizations, machines, people.

Even machines are communicating with machines (M2M,IoT). Everything is becoming smarter. As the largest entity, a smart city surrounds us.

This communication is increasingly characterized by convergent, integrated technologies and services. Data are generated about everything and everybody, and we are collecting and organizing them. We are constantly holding gadgets in our hands. Machines doing the production or serving our comfort are characterized by such an amount of intelligence, so that their safe operation became an independent, critical task.

We are substituted by softwares, we have a digital alter ego, we are signing our letters electronically, we are intervening at any point of the globe in real time. We are playing in a virtual reality, we are paying with electronic money. Understanding real risks, keeping the management under control and to eliminate unlawful interference is our basic interest.  The engineers and external experts of TAM CERT conduct the assessment, inspection and certification of Clients’ softwares, machines, management systems and networks.

Our mission is to block everything that poses a risk to information security from being operated or commissioned.

Professional POS:

Zoltán Karászi

E: karaszi.zoltan@tamcert.hu

P: +36 30 356 1440

Tibor Kiss

E: tibor.kiss@tamcert.hu

P: +36 30 515 0840

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