In today’s fast-paced world, our perhaps most valuable treasure is our health, regardless of whether we live in an urban area or somewhat closer to nature.

If you have a job, you are stressed by the enormous expectations, and if you don’t, you are burdened by feeling useless.

Physical and mental health, manageable health care, increasing life expectancy and the demand to recover from every illness and its definition as a basic right in many countries have become a key issue of modern and modernizing societies.

This triggers the constant innovation of health industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical technologies and treatment methods. Therefore, the most precise and careful conduct possible has become our basic obligation to protect life and humankind. This is where TAM CERT’s experts can help.

Man and women wishing to recover from an illness, making efforts to preserve their health or simply enjoying comfort, quality time or the joys of participating in a game should be surrounded by systems that protect them by clarifing the circumstances leading to their eventual work- or sports accidents or by serious and less serious in- and outpatient treatments, making them feel safer and cared for.

The objective of our system- product- and staff certification is to enhance efficient system operations and to allow managers of such systems to do their best.

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Dr. Mudri Katalin


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