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The use and possession of energy has always been of decisive importance in the history of mankind, but this is of particular importance today. Safe energy production and transportation, which can satisfy current consumer needs, both in terms of quantity and quality, is a key factor in the sustainable development of our society. In addition to the needs of households, electricity is an integral part of telecommunications, education, healing, transport, but it is essential for the operation of banking and other financial systems or public administration.

The activities of our business line cover both conventional and nuclear power generation equipment. The security of energy production has two closely related contents. It means, on the one hand, security of supply and, on the other, technical security, which is, of course, further linked to the security of the environment and society, including the population.

Development is intensive, the various forms of renewable energy production are particularly spectacular, and today the basic criteria of our decisions and investments are the way and extent of energy use and the conscious choice of the origin of energy.

When examining the subject of energy, we must not forget about oil installations either. The basic need for land, water, and air transport is to have, store, and transport fuel of the right quality to the place of use.

For organizations that produce, convert and deliver energy to the place of use, we provide:

  • technical risk analyzes for their decisions,
  • test and environmental measurements,
  • analyses
  • technical supervision for the implementation of their projects,
  • due diligence and bankability expert roles for their financial decisions

The development of the elements, control technology and management of energy systems, digitization and networking expect engineers to provide technical solutions that, in addition to providing traditional security elements, also control the vulnerability associated with increasing complexity. The employees of TAM CERT Magyarország Kft. explore, analyze and / or certify the conformity and effectiveness of these physical, human, system and cyber risks.

We provide security in terms of technology and security of supply throughout the entire chain of energy production, energy investments, and consumption of the energy produced.

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Dr. András György Gémes
Head of Nuclear and Energy Business Line
E: gemes.gyorgy@tamcert.hu
Phone: +36 30 496 6750