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„Citius Altius Fortius” – Faster higher stronger!

The thoughts of baron Coubertin regarding sport are fully valid for the person ambitious in the economic life and for his enterprise too.

The technological convergence and the more and more complex production processes together with the connected ever increasing investment value meets the demand of the authorities the moneylenders and surrounding communities relating riskhandling.

In this intersection appears the concept of technical surveillance which makes the judgement of the running processes objective for the in-vestors the contractors and suppliers as well as for the further stake holders.
This is a function with responsibility for which several preparedness elements needs as well TAM CERT to possess when it practises technical surveillance.

In the course of large investments – even oil- and gas, energetic, chemical industrial, machine manufacturer, car industrial – project-oriented imple-mentation and construction is typical. On this complex undertakings a large number of suppliers are present which have to perform in the same time remaining in the frame of the same budget. Quality-management and independent surveillance of the projects obviously means value-assurance and investment-protection including the elements of the management-logic of the project and conformity with the relevant prescriptions directives and engineering norms and detecting preventing of the risks.

As a notified organization on the fields of PED, SPV and CPR in the European countries we possess accepted competences beside home accreditations and assignments.

It is a clear task for a TAM CERT NoBo expert that the payback and thrift of the more and more expensive investments has the same importance as the judgement and control of the risk of the dangerous and critical production- and conversion processes.
We can utilize our experiences realized in this field on such surveillance jobs where we don’t carry out activities through our assignments.

Please entrust the technical surveillance of your projects to our company and our responsibility-taking will immediately and safely return to all our clients.

Professional POC:

Dr. Gábor Czitán
E: czitan.gabor@tamcert.hu
T: +36 30 951 9914