TAM CERT Hungary Inspection and Certification Ltd.


Hungarian manufacturers and distributors primarily intend to be present in the domestic and EU markets, but also global markets attract many of them. Each market has different technical- and legal regulations to govern the terms and conditions of distribution and commissioning.

In the EU countries, different compliance procedures have to be followed, depending on the hazards posed by the use of the product. Such procedures range between a manufacturer’s declaration of conformity / CE / and the inspection and certification of the products by third parties.

TAM CERT bases its product certification activities on its accreditations and notifications to assess compliance and to certify products, processes and services. We are Hungary’s EU notified body, under the No. NB 2102.

The certifications issued by us as an independent third party provide a reliable support for manufacturers or distributors active in markets with differing regulations. Involvement of TAM CERT means that the manufacturer’s declarations of conformity will be issued objectively, thus significantly decreasing associated risks, even in cases where such third party certifications are not required by directives.

Professional POC:

Zsolt Soós
E: zsolt.soos@tamcert.hu
P: +36 30 999 9396