TAM CERT Hungary Inspection and Certification Ltd.


TAM CERT, as an independent and neutral organization certifies that the experts of an enterprise, a company or an organization possess the theoretical knowledge, the professional experiences and expertise required for their authorization to conduct the pertinent activities.

Employees’ work- and service-specific qualifications define those companies and institutes that are keeping the economy moving.

The requirements to be met by the personal of assembly-, construction-, maintenance and repair-, manufacturing, and operating companies are regulated by numerous domestic and international regulations, at times supplemented by industry-specific rules. In some cases, for example in the case of welders, certification and person certification may only be conducted by appointed and Notified Bodies.

Upon completion of the training courses held by the companies or training institutes, TAM CERT issues a multilingual certification. That is, if they pass the exam. Exams in the following specifications may be taken on TAM CERT’s own sites, or at the Client’s premises:

Welders Certificate: 2014/68/EU –PED or TÜV welder certificate

Technicians assembling bolted connections: DIN/ EN 1591-4:2013

SCC Certificate: for managers and operational workers

Professional POC:

Head of Product Certifitacion Body
E: varga.zsolt@tamcert.hu
P: +36 30 280 9504

SVF according to  DIN EN 1591-4:2013:
Zsolt SOÓS
E: soos.zsolt@tamcert.hu
T: +36 30 999 9396

SCC contact:
E: manyoki.laszlo@tamcert.hu
P: (+36-30) 373-8576

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