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The nuclear industry has special requirements for the readiness of its suppliers. In the case of our Customers, for whom it is expedient to involve an expert for their faster and more efficient preparation for Paks supplier audits, we are at their disposal, as MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt. (hereinafter Nuclear Power Plant) and Paks II. Zrt. impose different requirements during supplier qualification. The Nuclear Power Plant issues a general rating for a given activity first for one year and then for three-year periods, while Paks II. performs task-specific certifications. Aware of these, TAM CERT Magyarország Kft. provides reliable support to its customers.

What we offer to our customers in general:

  • verification of the specific descriptions of the Nuclear Power Plant;
  • if necessary, relevant training;
  • reviewing their existing quality and environmental management system;
  • development of elements relevant to supplier qualification.

During the preparation of the supplier qualification for the MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt., we offer:

  • preparation for the (renewal) qualification of existing suppliers due every 3 years (safety class ABOS 1-3);
  • preparation for the first qualification of potential suppliers (ABOS safety classes 1-3);
  • maintenance of documentation required to maintain the first annual ratings of new suppliers (supervisory audit).

During the preparation of Paks II Zrt.’s supplier qualification we offer:

  • preparation for qualification according to the scope/task of each existing or new supplier contract.

To obtain supplier certification, suppliers must pass a nuclear power plant audit. An essential part of preparing for an audit is proper training, which we do at the beginning of the preparation process.

In case of questions related to the services of TAM CERT MAGYARORSZÁG Kft., please contact us with confidence, we are also available for further technical questions!


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