TAM CERT Hungary Inspection and Certification Ltd.


Where important things happen, it’s essential to make the right decisions on a professional basis: investors buy or start businesses, creditors, banks or insurance companies get involved in the preparation and realization of projects. Complex and high-end businesses dominate this field, but up-to-date, special knowledge that helps to expand competences are also in demand among start-ups.

Business is based on predictability: the more information and the more reliable information you have, the better decisions you make, giving you advantages when you negotiate, and providing you with a more stable basis for your business.

TAM CERT’s engineers and experts predominantly provide technical, environment protection- and IT analyzes and expert assessments. We also evaluate plans, objects or technologies subject to transactions. We are at your disposal with our data room analyses, red flag report, due diligence report, bankability study, independent engineer liability and project management services.

Expertise is a must: where we show up, risks give way to certainty!

Professional POC:

Dr. Mudri Katalin
E: dr.mudri.katalin@tamcert.hu
P: +36 30 212 3305

Zoltán Karászi
E: karaszi.zoltan@tamcert.hu
P: +36 30 356 1440

Varga Zsolt
E: varga.zsolt@tamcert.hu
P: +36 30 280 9504