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It’s obvious that we want to live in a liveable, diverse, and healthy environment, which we want to pass down to future generations as well.

This can only be ensured by consciousness and self-restraint: our globalizing world is making efforts to mitigate the already existing damages. Hopefully, our leaders make the right decisions when it comes to generating energy, thus providing for the needs of billions of people.

The objectives set by them can only be met if everybody contributes to it by making the right decisions on the most mundane levels: the way we manufacture, the way we dispose of our waste, the way we treat our food. Chemicals, artificial additives, our clothes, our toys, our buildings, and vehicles – they all burden our environment. TAM CERT’s experts demonstrate extensive knowledge of the regulations, they have contributed to the elimination of critical risks, they have reliably assessed risks on several occasions, and supported the decision-making with regards to their mitigation. Laboratory measurements and evaluations, and conformity assurance are all tools serving an objective basis for decision-making processes, to make airtight decisions towards the citizens, professional competitors, authorities, and most importantly, towards our own conscience.

Let’s work together for a sustainable environment!

Professional POS:

Dr. Mudri Katalin

E: dr.mudri.katalin@tamcert.hu
P: +36 30 212 3305