TAM CERT Hungary Inspection and Certification Ltd.


E = M x C2 Energy is everything, and everything is Energy.

Development is ongoing, renewable energy is gaining traction. By today, our decisions and investments are influenced by the method and extent of energy use, and the deliberate choices of energy resources.

We provide technical and environment protection analyzes, technical supervision during the realization of the project, due diligence and bankability expert opinions for companies generating, transforming and transporting energy.

The development of the elements, management technology and management of energy systems, digitalization and networks require engineers to come up with solutions that, in addition to the provision of the traditional safety elements, are also able to control the vulnerability resulting from increasing complexity. TAM CERT’s experts are working to find and analyze these physical-, human-, system and cyber-risks and certify conformity or efficacy.

We provide safety throughout the energy generation and consumption chain and energy investments.

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Zoltán Karászi

E: karaszi.zoltan@tamcert.hu
P: +36 30 356 1440