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The equipment around us has its own life path, the process of wear and tear. Fortunately, with conscious preventive diagnostic methods, lifetime depletion is a controllable process with knowledge of the wear and tear process. Damage events can have serious consequences: serious property damage, personal injury, and impact on the environment.

Investigating an injury event and finding out its causes involves serious information and lessons in all respects. Exploration contributes to the avoidance of similar cases, to the planning of proactive intervention, to the determination of the extent of necessary interventions and replacements, and to the assessment of operational risks. All this helps to optimize costs and the efficient management of financial resources.

Investigations aimed at investigating damage cases in the vast majority of cases require the existence of complex knowledge, knowledge of several scientific fields (mechanical engineering, chemistry, materials science, processes taking place in the equipment). In today’s terminology, there is a need for coordinated work in multidisciplinary professional fields.

The experts of TAM CERT Magyarország Kft. have the knowledge and tools necessary to perform such a complex expert activity (typically involving the oil industry and the energy sector).

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