TAM CERT Hungary Inspection and Certification Ltd.


TAM CERT Magyarország Vizsgáló és Tanúsító Kft. is one of the most reliable test, inspection, certification and independent expert institutes of the country. It is active in Hungary and within the territory of the European Union.


TAM CERT employs experts and engineers with industry- and economy backgrounds going back for decades, giving them ample opportunities to acquire the experience and skills required to understand Clients’ tasks and objectives. Our strength is our familiarity with the compliance assessment systems used by authorities within their scope in countries in and outside the European Union. We provide support for the set-up of innovative corporate processes that facilitate the decrease of business risks and the launch of new services and products.


TAM CERT carries out its activities independently, impartially and in an unbiased manner, thwarting of all political impacts, the influences of industry- and economy actors and the operational schemes of multinational companies. While providing our services, we predominantly consider the values and interests of Hungarian market players. We have introduced a risk assessment system to keep our activities independent and impartial. Accordingly, we conduct an annual internal audit, forwarding the results to notifying authorities. Our inspection, verification and certification activities are evaluated by a governing body. The experienced members of this body are coming from Hungarian organizations, institutions or are economy actors.


Based on the experiences of our experts, we continuously expand and update our knowledge and experience of the market in an organized manner. By passing down the knowledge, we prepare our partners to meet the challenges posed by regulations, standards and technological changes and provide support throughout the process. These specific capabilities allow our partners to hold their ground and to achieve their strategic goals. In addition to the issue of declarations of conformity, certifications and person certificates required by both Hungarian and international markets, TAM CERT also conducts second party inspections, certifications and conformity

  • Tel: +36 1 278 2295 | +36 1 487 0525
  • info@tamcert.hu
  • DC Offices 1134 Budapest, Váci út 49., 6.em.
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